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Episode 0  |  01:22 min

Entrepreneurship Sucks - Trailer

Episode 0  |  01:22 min  |  10.24.2020

Entrepreneurship Sucks - Trailer

This is a podcast episode titled, Entrepreneurship Sucks - Trailer. The summary for this episode is: Entrepreneurship Sucks is a show about helping entrepreneurs and founding teams understand and overcome the not so obvious personal challenges of building a business.

What's the big secret of entrepreneurship that nobody tells you about? It actually sucks to be an entrepreneur. Let me explain that a little bit further. Are you an expert at product, marketing, sales, finance, strategy and operations? Are you self-aware? Are you a confident leader? Do you handle uncertainty well? Most of us only have a couple of these strengths, and that's why most of us will suck at entrepreneurship. Ready for the good news? Knowing what you suck at is the key to success. My name is Andrew Hong, and I'm the host of Entrepreneurship Sucks. Entrepreneurship Sucks is a podcast that helps founders explore and overcome the not so obvious personal challenges that come within the business. Using my 15 + years of experience as a management consultant, a roof agency owner, and entrepreneur, we'll zoom in on the gritty internal and external aspects of entrepreneurship and give you actionable solutions that will help you turn the sucky parts of entrepreneurship into opportunities. So join me as we enter the fast- paced, exciting, challenging, and yes, sucky world of entrepreneurship.

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