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Episode 7  |  35:08 min

The Stressed Out A-hole: Managing Stress

Episode 7  |  35:08 min  |  01.05.2021

The Stressed Out A-hole: Managing Stress

This is a podcast episode titled, The Stressed Out A-hole: Managing Stress. The summary for this episode is: What is the most obvious side effect of entrepreneurship??? It's stressful. In this episode of Entrepreneurship Sucks, Andrew Hong shares the affects of stress on his work/personal life, and the tactics and tools to handle it. Bonus: this episode features a special intro on everyone’s favorite topic of…. Politics!
Takeaway 1 | 05:15 MIN
🇺🇸 Intro: Election 2020
Takeaway 2 | 05:48 MIN
😓 Let's define stress...
Takeaway 3 | 05:30 MIN
💸 Investing in Mental Health
Takeaway 4 | 03:18 MIN
😡 I'm too intense!
Takeaway 5 | 04:08 MIN
🤕 The negative affects of stress
Takeaway 6 | 04:09 MIN
🛠 Tools to manage stress
Takeaway 7 | 01:19 MIN
🎬 Takeaways

If there’s anything guaranteed in entrepreneurship, it’s this: you’re going to be stressed.

But the real question becomes, "How well do you handle stress?"

While stress is inevitable, the way you approach and handle it will affect your family, employees, and quite frankly, you’re bottom line.

In this episode, Tobe Co-Founder Andrew Hong shares his experiences and observations on the best ways to tackle stress head-on.

  • Venture capitalists and the most qualified entrepreneurs
  • Being smart and motivated is not enough
  • Identifying stress
  • How stress affects those around you
  • How stress affects your quality of work
  • Tools & tactics Andrew uses to handle stress

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